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FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
million or stop offering their employees healthcare, or abide by the rule and violate their religious conscience. now, it is worth noteing that when she sat on o the second circuit court of appeals, judge sotomayor ruled in favor of the religious rights of a muslim inmate who was denied a ramadan meal in prison. she was asked about that case and the religious liberty issue at her confirmation hearing. >> it is a very important and central part of our democratic society that we do give freedom of religion, of practice of religion, that the constitution restricts the establish -- the state from establishing a religion and that we have freedom of expression in speech as well. those freedoms are central to our constitution. >> laura: i agree and don't religious people who own o companies also religious rights? turns out as many feared the president's religious exemption to the contraception mandate is so narrow as to be meaningless. unless you you employ and serve only those of your same religious faith you don't receive an exemption. so under that standard, jesus himself would not qualif
FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 12:00am PST
cbo. we are also going to see the obamacare tax hikes hit us if you don't have healthcare then you are going to be hit with a penalty. if your employer doesn't provide you with healthcare, they are going to be hit with a penalty. also, the amt tax patch, if they don't fix that, then -- alternative minimum, and that will not us. about people in the middle class who never thought they are going to get hit, they are going to find out they are well think. those are a couple things that are going to hit a number of people in this country. >> charles, let me go through it real quick and let you respond to each and every one of them, if i can. the first one will be, of course, the doc fix that kerry was just talking about. it would also mean capital gains where the capital gains rate will go as high as 55% for many americans -- i'm sorry, it will go up to 20% from 15%. estate tax goes to 50%. obamacare taxes for many individuals will be .9% on those earning over $200,000. that's another full percentage point. also we have a penalty tax will be imposed on the individuals. and also some emp
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
healthcarhealthcare in particule new healthcare system is going to be a lot. you have to look at companies that have had success but need more capital to get to the next level. exploration and production companies and energy that have done well and need capital. you can raise it or you can join forces with somebody else. very often the decision is to merge and not raise capital and take that risk. >> susie: and in tech what should they look for. tech is such a huge area we have a few seconds left what are your thoughts? >> look at the base companiesan. the kind of service that's county of victoria to their -- o their base line services. >> thanks bob, have a greatweek. bob pr profusek. >> susie: the price of gold fell slightly today, as the fiscal cliff drama in washington continues to weigh on markets and confidence. gold slipped almost $8 to $1,655. for the year, gold is up about 5%, half the gain in the s&p 500. but as erika miller reports, some gold bugs believe next year will be far better for the precious metal. >> reporter: if you got gold jewelry as a holiday gift, it may be more t
FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 2:00am PST
also marked a milestone implementation of president owe bhaum's healthcare law. >> in a 5-4 division the individual dmant is indeed constitutional. >>> supreme court put the law against partisanship. >> the decision was a result of lawsuits brought by 26 paid attorneys general against the federal government who claimed mandated participation was man dags of the freedom. >> republicans won't let up whatsoever in the determination to repeal this terrible law. >> they challenge the law meaning obama care will be a hot button issue in 2013. as 2012 winds down it resembles 2011 with republicans locked in another show down over taxes and spending with the average family caught in the middle. in washington craig boswell fox news. >>> 18 minutes after the top of the hour. will you feel safer in 2013. the top five threats we need to watch out for in the new year. >> the top spot you don't want to have it is the worst movie of the year. we will tell you which one it was. hopefully you didn't see it. >> welcome back. it is 21 after the top of the hour. here are quick headlines for you. an f-16
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
obama's healthcare law. she rejected a request for an injurisdiction to block the requirement. two companies pseudoclaiming it is against -- sued claiming it is against their belief. they could be fined more than a million dollars a day for ignoring the mandate. >>> thousands of longshoreman are threatening a strike that could cripple every sea port from boston to houston. they will walk off on sunday if a deal can't be reached. the association represents more than 14,000 dock workers at 15 ports. a shut down could cost the economy billions of dollars. a mediator has been working with the two sides. a strike is looming with a few days left. >>> a court set aside $200 million in restitution to wells fargo debt card users. the bank illegally manipulated how it processed mumps to max -- purchases to maximize over draft fees. the court sent the case back to the trial court saying the bank violated state law in the way it notified customers. >>> traffic is being rekrauted to -- rerouted. the no awe -- u.s. national oceanic and atmospheric administration approved vessel lane changes. the
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
and reforms to entitlements like healthcare. >> we're going to end up with a small, kick-the-can, down-the- road bill to make another fiscal cliff to deal with this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with expectation low, lawmakers are talk about how to retroactively fix any damage done by going over the cliff with congress. nicole collins, fox news. >>> developing tonight, a strike that could have shut down ports up and down the east coast is averted for now. the long shoreman's union along the east coast and gulf of mexico will extend the current contract for 30 days. that extension prevents a possible strike that could have crippled operations at port and including the port of baltimore. in a statement today, the maryland governor martin o'malley wrote, quote, the port of baltimore continues to be a major part of the state economic strait generating and supporting thousands of jobs. during the extended period, we hope long-term resolutions can be reached for the hardworking families who depend on jobs and commerce linked to the port of baltimore. >>> to the state of the skins. it's th
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
healthcare, all of that could be at risk if there's not enough money or borrowing authority to pay the bills. >> you mentioned the word extraordinary circumstances. what a nice afraid for what the federal government does. if we hit the debt ceiling that they can find another $200 billion in extraordinary circumstances. what is the real story on extraordinary circumstances? they look under every rock and dime we have set aside? >> eye may amazing you come up with $200 billion but that's essentially what the treasury did back in the spring of 2011 the last time we had this fight. that's what they are doing now because congress is not going to fix this by december 31st. or raise the debt ceiling by december 31st. they will take a number of what they call recurring payments and they take that interest money and reinvest it. they won't do that. they will hold on to the money and spend it on just operating the federal government. that can be costly. it cost about a billion dollars last time to go through all of this. and it looks like we are going to go through that again. >> well, this debt ceili
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
security, single payer healthcare, keeping people in their homes, fully employed economy, like ending the military buildups and the war machine. there is still plenty of room for us within the party to negotiate that people feel they're still a chance to do that. >> congressmember kucinich, news of another shooting in camden county, new jersey. three police officers shot. it looks like there are no deaths. the shooting happened around 5:45 eastern time this morning. the power of the nra and also, do you see yourself getting involved with third-party politics as you leave? what are your plans? >> i would love to be in two- party politics, but we don't really have that right now. ubiquitousness of violence in our society is not just about guns. we have to look about the culture of violence we have in america and deal with it in a way that is not about beating up ourselves, but we have to look at the spectrum of domestic violence, like spousal abuse, gang violence, gun violence, racial violence, guns against gays. in doing that, that is why i called for the department of peace years ago not
Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm EST
the latest way to cope with grief or to cut healthcare costs. >> ban adoption from one nation to the next. it's about to happen in russia. where moscow is going to approve a ban on american couples only from adopteding russian children. we just improved our trade relations with them, why are they doing this? have our relations with the putin regime deteriorated that much? senior fellow with the center of transatlantic relations at johns hopkins university. what is this really about? >> this is about vladimir putin playing to his base which is nationalistic and poor as he's losing moscow and it's about vladimir putin sending a signal to the united states that he does not want us interfering in russia's internal affairs and this is a convenient way to send that message. >> let's, explain why they would think that with this trade status improvement there was a little clause that said if someone violates human rights in russia you're not going to be able to get a vase to get in here. what is this law called? >> the magity insky bill. >> sergei died in prison. who helped kill him. >> the
FOX Business
Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
health care companies, those are not just the guys hit by the medical device tax. other healthcare companies as well and environmental companies such as waste management and republicans industries. these are the company's that get 50% or more of their sales from government contracts. when you see spending cuts coming you can imagine they will have to be dialing back on their own capital investment. adam: we are talking about cuts right now but then we have tax hikes. people have less money immediately. some of these will play out over the next few months. people who might lose their jobs won't lose immediately but all of us have less many come january 1st to spend and as we spend less money there are a bunch of companies not on that list, retailers, the money won't be out there. adam: talk to goldman sachs or barkleys too, looking at all sectors and trying to rank sectors that will get it the most and the worst, basically treasury secretary tim geithner put out the word, tax filing season will be delayed, tax refunds will be delayed, consumers won't have that money in their pockets
Dec 28, 2012 2:00pm EST
reduction in the healthcare law to providers. 50 million people rely on this program. it benefits individuals over the age of 65. a lot of people depend on it. host: what is the current budget for medicare? guest: about $550 billion for this year. host: does that include the premiums that seniors pay? guest: what they pay it will go to the payments that will go to the doctors that care for the beneficiary. host: how much is coming out of general revenue? guest: the beneficiaries pay 25% of the program in part b. in part d, you have about 32 beneficiaries that are on the program. host: medicare is divided into four parts. part a is hospital insurance. host: how did the affordable care act change medicare? guest: it will take $716 billion away from medicare providers. the payments will still grow. providers of care will see their reimbursements decrease. beneficiaries receive some new services. they will get some help if they are enrolled in the drug program. they will be helped to close the donut hole. host: how is medicare being looked at? guest: medicare providers will be cut by
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)